Simple Registration Extension

About this extension

This extension,, implements the OpenID Simple Registration Extension. It basically allows you to specify details which you normally provide when you register for web sites (such as your name and e-mail address), and have SimpleID provide them automatically to web sites which request them.

Installing and uninstalling

This extension is bundled with the default SimpleID installation. From version 0.5, this version is enabled automatically.

To uninstall this extension, see Installing and uninstalling extensions.

Specifying registration information

The registration information is specified in your identity file. Simply add a section called sreg in your identity file and specify the details there.

For what can be specified in this section, see the specifications. Note that the registration information in the identity file are specified without the openid.sreg. prefix.

An example is given below.


Sending registration information to an OpenID site

When you log into an OpenID site, and the site asks for your registration information using this extension, you will see extra information in the log in page.